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The 13th century of the Anno Domini dating system was defined as the period from 1201 to 1300.

Serials and episodes[]


  • The Duke of Forgill's family begin their service to the country of Scotland. (DW: "Terror of the Zygons")
  • 1205 - (TAG: "The Gunpowder Plot")
  • 1207 - (DW: "The Bells of Saint John")
  • 1214 -
    • Ping-Cho's fiancé is born. (DW: "Marco Polo")
    • September - Lord Ranulf Fitzwilliam gives away his whole fortune to support the Crusade. (DW: "The King's Demons")
  • 1215 -
    • 4 March - King John of England takes the oath to become a Crusader. (DW: "The King's Demons")
    • June - King John signs the Magna Carta. (DW: "The King's Demons")
  • 1216 - King John loses the Crown Jewels in the Wash. (DW: "The King's Demons")
  • 1252 - Marco Polo is born in Venice. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1264 - The Crusaders are in the Holy Land during this year. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1269 - The Hashishins of the Cave of Five Hundred Eyes are killed by the Mongol conqueror Hulagu. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1271 - Accompanied by his father and uncle, Marco Polo leaves Venice to travel to Cathay. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1273 -
  • 1274 - After three and a half years of travelling, the Polo family arrive in Peking and visit the court of Kublai Khan. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1277 - On his 25th birthday, Marco Polo is given an appointment in the service of Kublai Khan. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1283 - A meteorite fragment containing an energy entity falls into the Weserbergland Mountains in Lower Saxony. (SJA: "The Day of the Clown")
  • 1284 - The entity adopts the form of the Pied Piper and takes away the children of Hamelin. (SJA: "The Day of the Clown")
  • 1287 - The Polo family are refused permission from Kublai Khan to go home to Venice. (DW: "Marco Polo")
  • 1289 - (DW: "Marco Polo")