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Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Web of Fear"
    • "The Name of the Doctor" (in part)
    • "Village of the Angels" (in part)
    • "Survivors of the Flux" (in part)
    • "The Vanquishers" (in part)


  • Fendelman notices a vibration while working on a missile guidance system. This sonic shadow contained the data that would later lead him to the excavation sites in Kenya where he discovered "Eustace", a twelve-million-year-old humanoid skull. (DW: "Image of the Fendahl")
  • Jackie Tyler is born. (DW: "Army of Ghosts")
  • Max Tresillian is born. (TOR: "They Keep Killing Suzie")

Pete's World[]

  • 1 February - Jackie Tyler is born. (DW: "Rise of the Cybermen")

Other alternate timelines[]

  • (DW: "The Name of the Doctor")


  • According to the script for 1996's "Doctor Who", Wheeler was born in this year.