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Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Underwater Menace" (in part)
    • "Day of the Moon" (in part)


  • The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce begins to receive reports of unidentified flying objects that are seen to disappear while over south east England. Fighter planes are sent to investigate but nothing of interest is discovered. (DW: "The Invasion")
  • Dorothy Gale is born. (DW: "Ghost Light")
  • Myra Bennett is murdered by Mary. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts")
  • Sarah Jane Smith begins her career as a journalist, "doorstepping" for the South Croydon Echo. (SJA: "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith")
  • January - (DW: "Day of the Moon")


  • According to the script for "The End of Time", the last governor of HM Prison Broadfell was born in this year.