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Serials and episodes[]


  • The National Coal Board is forced to close the coal mining pit in Llanfairfach, leaving a number of residents jobless. (DW: "The Green Death")
  • Sally Chappel is murdered by Mary. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts")
  • Aaron Copley graduates from Harvard University with a first class degree in biological chemistry and molecular biology. (TOR: "Reset")
  • The Palisades Cinema is closed after the owner declares himself bankrupt. (TOR: "From Out of the Rain")
  • The Men in Black cease operations after the disbanding of the Alliance of Shades. (SJA: "The Vault of Secrets")
  • 30 April - (DW: "The Dæmons")
  • May -
    • May Day - (DW: "The Dæmons")
    • 25 May - Joseph Serf is born in Dayton, Ohio. (SJA: "The Man Who Never Was")
  • 4 June - The Tunguska Scroll is acquired by the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce following its seizure from a personal collector. (SJA: "Enemy of the Bane")
  • 11 September to 14 September - (DW: "Day of the Daleks")
  • Michaelmas - (DW: "The Time Monster")

Other alternate timelines[]

The following events took place in an alternate timeline in which Reginald Styles and the delegates to the Auderly House summit conference were killed in an explosion on 14 September 1972.