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  • Guy Crayford, an astronaut, vanishes while carrying out the first test of the XK-5 space freighter in deep space. Although thought dead after an assumed collision with an asteroid, Crayford's rocket had been hijacked by the Kraals. (DW: "The Android Invasion")
  • Sarah Jane Smith goes to Devesham to do a story on the Space Defence Station after Crayford's disappearance. (DW: "The Android Invasion")
  • Richard Playle is murdered by Mary. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts")
  • The Llanfairfach Incident. (DW: "The Green Death")
  • Jasper Adeola is born. (Class: "Nightvisiting")


  • According to the script for 1996's "Doctor Who", Curtis was born in this year.