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  • The FDA places an injunction on a drug that is being developed by Aaron Copley. The project is abandoned. (TOR: "Reset")
  • Lucia Moretti ceases her work as a Torchwood operative, but remains on staff until 1977. (TOR: "Children of Earth: Day Three")
  • Harbour Heights is closed down. (TOR: "Children of Earth: Day Three")
  • May -
    • 21 May - ("The Ghosts of N-Space")
  • July - Toshiko Sato is born in London. (TOR: "Greeks Bearing Gifts")
  • 5 August - "Alice Carter" is born. (TOR: "Children of Earth: Day Three")


  • According to dialogue in "The Web of Fear", this is the earliest year in which that story can take place, with Edward Travers noting that the events of "The Abominable Snowmen" (in 1935) took place "over forty years ago." This date is consistently contradicted later on, most notably by the year of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart's retirement later established in "Mawdryn Undead".
  • According to the date written on a pass seen in "Robot", that serial's events took place around 4 April. This contradicts the date of 21 May 1975 given for some of the events of "The Ghosts of N-Space", which takes precedence for being spoken in dialogue.