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Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Keeper of Traken"
    • "Logopolis"
    • "Castrovalva" (in part)
    • "Four to Doomsday"
    • "The Rings of Akhaten" (in part)
  • K-9 and Company: "A Girl's Best Friend"


  • (DW: "The Keeper of Traken")
  • Marie Thomas is born. (TOR: "Reset")
  • Owen Harper is born. (TOR: "Dead Man Walking")
  • 28 February - (DW: "Logopolis")
  • December -
    • (K9C: "A Girl's Best Friend")
    • 18 December - (K9C: "A Girl's Best Friend")
    • (K9C: "A Girl's Best Friend")
    • Christmas Day - (K9C: "A Girl's Best Friend")


  • According to the script for 1996's "Doctor Who", Gareth Fitzpatrick was born in this year.
  • According to a personnel file seen in "Exit Wounds", Toshiko Sato was born on the eighteenth of September of this year. This contradicts "Greeks Bearing Gifts", where her birthdate is explicitly given in dialogue as being in July 1975.
  • According to the script for "The New World", the following three characters - Gwen Cooper, Andy Davidson and Rhys Williams - were born in this year. This contradicts the 1978 date given for Gwen Cooper in "Children of Earth: Day Two", which takes precedence for appearing on-screen.