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Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Chase" (in part)
    • "The Eleventh Hour" (in part)
    • "The Big Bang" (in part)
    • "The Angels Take Manhattan" (in part)


  • (DW: "The Chase")
  • The son of Kist Magg Thek Lutovin Day Slitheen is born. (SJA: "Revenge of the Slitheen")
  • Nathan Goss is born in Stoke Newington, London. (SJA: "The Lost Boy")
  • Easter - (DW: "The Eleventh Hour")

Other alternate timelines[]

The following events took place in an alternate reality in which the Doctor's TARDIS exploded on 26 June 2010 and caused a total event collapse.

  • (DW: "The Big Bang")