Doctor Who Concordance Wiki

Serials and episodes[]


  • A scientific project in Switzerland creates a black hole. K-9 is sent to seal it off. (SJA: "Invasion of the Bane")
  • (DW: "Blink")
  • March - (DW: "Love & Monsters")
  • Battle of Canary Wharf. (DW: "Army of Ghosts", "Doomsday")
  • June - (DW: "Turn Left")
  • September - (TOR: "Everything Changes")
  • October - (TOR: "Day One")
  • December -
    • (TOR: "They Keep Killing Suzie")
    • (TOR: "Random Shoes")
    • 18 December - (TOR: "Out of Time")
    • Christmas Eve - (DW: "The Runaway Bride")
      • (TOR: "Out of Time")
    • Christmas Day - (TOR: "Out of Time")

Pete's World[]

  • 1 February - (DW: "Rise of the Cybermen", "The Age of Steel")

Other alternate timelines[]

The following events took place in an alternate timeline in which Donna Noble did not take a job at H.C. Clements in June 2007.

  • June - (DW: "Turn Left")
  • Christmas Eve - (DW: "Turn Left")