Doctor Who Concordance Wiki

Serials and episodes[]


  • Webber dies in a car crash. (DW: "Fear Her")
  • The British government approves additional trials of the Discovery drilling project in Cwmtaff. (SJA: "The Man Who Never Was")
  • February - (DW: "The Impossible Astronaut")
  • Spring - (DW: "The End of Time")
  • April - (DW: "The Impossible Astronaut")
    • 22 April - (DW: "The Impossible Astronaut")
  • August - (Serpent Crest: "The Hexford Invasion")
  • Autumn - (DW: "Let's Kill Hitler")
  • November - (Serpent Crest: "Survivors in Space")

Other alternate timelines[]

  • 22 April - (DW: "The Wedding of River Song")