Doctor Who Concordance Wiki

Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" (in part)
    • "The Bells of Saint John" (in part)
    • "The Rings of Akhaten" (in part)
    • "The Crimson Horror" (in part)
    • "Nightmare in Silver" (in part)
    • "The Name of the Doctor" (in part)
    • "The Day of the Doctor" (in part)
    • "The Time of the Doctor" (in part)
    • "Deep Breath" (in part)
  • Destiny of the Doctor: "The Time Machine" (in part)
  • Class: "Nightvisiting" (in part)


  • 10 April - (DW: "The Name of the Doctor")
  • 23 November - (Destiny of the Doctor: "The Time Machine")
  • Christmas Day - (DW: "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe")
    • (DW: "The Time of the Doctor")

Other alternate timelines[]

These events took place in a timeline in which Earth had formed a system of world government known as the World Zone Authority by the early 21st century.

  • Giles Kent takes a group of people, including the teenagers Colin Redmayne and Mary, for an endurance test in the atomic shelter he has built at Kanowa. The next person that they see is Salamander, who manages to convince them that an atomic war has started. (DW: "The Enemy of the World")


  • As per "The Enemy of the World", Earth has formed a world government called the World Zone Authority by 2018. This system is indicated to have been in existence for some time, with the World Zone Authority also being seen to be based in the United Nations building in New York City. This is contradicted by all other stories set in the early 21st century. Among them is "The Power of Three", which indicates that the United Nations and national governments are in existence as late as 2020. Due to the nature of time travel later established in the program, it is possible that this story and the events leading up to this version of history took place in an alternate timeline.