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The 23rd century of the Anno Domini dating system was defined as the period from 2201 to 2300.

Serials and episodes[]

  • Doctor Who:
  • The Adventure Games:
    • "TARDIS" (in part)
    • "Shadows of the Vashta Nerada"
  • Destiny of the Doctor: "Night of the Whisper"


  • 2215 - Earth decides to colonise Mechanus. Mechonoids are dispatched to prepare for the arrival of the first immigrants. With Earth's subsequent involvement in interplanetary wars, the colony is forgotten. (DW: "The Chase")
  • 2250 - A twenty-minute war between the Argolin, led by Theron, and the Foamasi sees the devastation of Argolis by two thousand interplanetary missiles. (DW: "The Leisure Hive")
  • 2259 - (DW: "The Mutants")
  • 2261 - (DW: "The Mutants")
  • 2263 - (DW: "The Mutants")
  • 2265 - The Mechonoid city is burnt down after an attack by time-travelling Daleks from the 30th century. Steven Taylor escapes aboard the Doctor's TARDIS. (DW: "The Chase")
  • 2289 - Bookings for the Leisure Hive on Argolis are low this year. (DW: "The Leisure Hive")
  • 2290 - An attempt by the Foamasi criminal organisation West Lodge to destabilise the Leisure Hive before purchasing the property is thwarted. Concurrently, Pangol, a warlike product of the Leisure Hive's technology, is prevented from creating an army of his duplicates. (DW: "The Leisure Hive")
  • 2299 - In December, freighter XV 773 is reported missing after being stolen by agents of Mestor. (DW: "The Twin Dilemma")
  • 2300 - In August, Mestor's plan to spread giant gastropod eggs on Joconda across the universe is foiled by the Doctor and Azmael. (DW: "The Twin Dilemma")