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The 26th century of the Anno Domini dating system was defined as the period from 2501 to 2600.

Serials and episodes[]


  • 2520 - Williams, a human military officer, destroys an unresponsive Draconian battle cruiser when it approaches his damaged and helpless ship in the aftermath of a neutron storm. The actions of Williams during this incident spark the Draconian War. (DW: "Frontier in Space")
  • 2526 - An interstellar conference attended by the heads of many powerful planets takes place on Earth, with the purpose of signing a pact to unite their military forces in a war against the Cyber race. An attempt by the Cybermen to destroy the conference is prevented. (DW: "Earthshock")
  • The Cyber Wars are fought in the constellation of Orion. ("Real Time")
  • 2539 - Peace Party member Patel meets party committee member Professor Dale just before Dale's arrest and imprisonment on the lunar penal colony. (DW: "Frontier in Space")
  • 2540 - The Master, working on behalf of the Daleks, attempts to engineer a second conflict between the Draconian Empire and Earth's Empire. The plot is discovered and thwarted by the Doctor and the Earth military. (DW: "Frontier in Space")
    • (DW: "Planet of the Daleks")
  • The Dalek War is fought between humans and Daleks. (DW: "Death to the Daleks")
  • 2589 - ("Phobos")
  • 2600 - An outbreak of plague ravages the Outer Worlds, with human colonists dying in their thousands. A Marine Space Corps expedition discovers large quantities of parrinium, the cure for the disease, on Exxilon. (DW: "Death to the Daleks")