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"29th century. Solar flares roast the Earth, and the entire human race moves out till the weather improves. Whole nations migrating to the stars."
- The Doctor (DW: "The Beast Below")

The 29th century of the Anno Domini dating system was defined as the period from 2801 to 2900.

Serials and episodes[]


  • The Earth is evacuated due to solar flares. (DW: "The Beast Below")
  • 2825 - Voga enters the Solar System. It subsequently becomes a satellite of Jupiter. (DW: "Revenge of the Cybermen")
  • 2871 - Zilda's brother dies while serving aboard a Company sandminer commanded by Uvanov. (DW: "The Robots of Death")
  • 2873 - Magrik and his engineering team begin work on the Skystriker rocket. (DW: "Revenge of the Cybermen")
  • 2875 - An attempt by the Cybermen to destroy Voga is averted. (DW: "Revenge of the Cybermen")
  • 2878 - Thawn, director of the Company's methane catalysing refinery on the third moon of Delta Magna, attempts to discredit the Sons of Earth by implicating them in gunrunning to the native Swampies. (DW: "The Power of Kroll")
  • 2881 - Taren Capel attempts to stage a robot revolution on a human colony world. (DW: "The Robots of Death")
  • 2884 - (DW: "The Caves of Androzani")

Other alternate timelines[]

  • 2884 - (DW: "The Name of the Doctor")


  • The Doctor suggested that Space Station Nerva was built during the late 29th century. (DW: "The Ark in Space")