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The 30th century of the Anno Domini dating system was defined as the period from 2901 to 3000.

Serials and episodes[]


  • Earth's scientists calculate that it will take five thousand years for the biosphere to recover from the solar flares. The chosen descendants of the human race enter hibernation aboard Space Station Nerva. Others are housed in thermic shelters. (DW: "The Ark in Space")
  • 2965 - (DW: "The Space Museum")
  • 2966 - (DW: "The Evil of the Daleks")
  • 2983 - (DW: "The Vervoids")
  • 2986 - (DW: "The Vervoids")
  • 2990 - (DW: "The Mutants")
  • 3000 - Earth is invaded by the Daleks. (DW: "Mission to the Unknown")


  • By this century, human society was highly compartmentalised. (DW: "The Ark in Space")