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Professor Aaron Copley, BSc, PhD, D.Sc was the institute director of the Pharm. He was one of the most respected research scientists in his field, and had published works on immunology.



Copley graduated from Sandford High School, California in the spring of 1969, with a full scholarship to Harvard University.

He studied biological chemistry and molecular biology at Harvard for three years, graduating in 1972 in the top 1% of his class with a first class degree. During this time, he worked with Doctor F.R. Minchin on several published papers which revolutionised the accepted understanding of molecular biology.

Copley returned to Harvard in 1974 to complete his doctorate, winning funding and backing from major pharmacological authorities and the United States government along the way.


In 1975, Copley had a falling out with the FDA following their injunction on the development of a drug that had the potential to rejuvenate nervous cells in mammals, and fought a court order that imposed a ban on the drug's research and development, only to lose out and have to abandon the project.

Beginning in 1976, he lectured and held residency at Johns Hopkins. He also carried out research at Cambridge University. Before going to the United Kingdom to set up the Pharm, he was Harvard professor of molecular pharmacology.

The Pharm[]

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