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Andrew "Andy" Stone was an American astronaut who served as a technician and officer on the Bowie Base One mission in the late 2050s.


Stone was born in a small farming community in Iowa during the year 2025. He had a unusual childhood growing up in a commune isolated from industrial life. The commune led a peculiarly innocent existence living on subsistence farming and cottage industry. The appalling storm conditions of 2040 forced the commune members to adapt the way they grew their products in the land and, as a result, they developed revolutionary techniques for growing a crop in poor weather conditions.

Armed with this knowledge, he left the commune in 2045 with a desire to help the rest of the world survive the effects of global warming. His research on crop growth in hostile environments was picked up by Peter Bennett, father of Mia Bennett, and he joined the father-daughter team in Houston to continue his own research. Bennett encouraged Stone to train as an astronaut and, despite a complete lack of formal education, Stone proved he was qualified to be a NASA astronaut.

After his acceptance into NASA, he was selected to be in the Bowie Base One project and to head up the Bio Dome development, which would attempt to grow produce using Martian components. Stone made a report on his use of Martian and Earth minerals. His death was commemorated by a ten-day vigil. (DW: "The Waters of Mars")