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"Arc of Infinity" is the first story of the twentieth season of Doctor Who.


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Uncredited performers[]

  • Peter Davison as Omega (4)
  • John Nathan-Turner as a passerby (4)


  • By Johnny Byrne
  • Incidental Music - Roger Limb
  • Special Sound -
    • Dick Mills
    • BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Production Manager - Ralph Wilton
  • Production Associate - June Collins
  • Production Assistant - Diana Brookes
  • Assistant Floor Manager - Lynn Richards
  • Film Cameraman - Fintan Sheehan
  • Film Recordist - Bill Wild
  • Film Editor - Bernard Ashby
  • Visual Effects Designer - Christopher Lawson
  • Video Effects - Dave Chapman
  • Vision Mixer - James Gould
  • Technical Manager - Bob Hignett
  • Senior Cameraman - Alec Wheal
  • Videotape Editor - Graham Hutchings
  • Studio Lighting - Don Babbage
  • Studio Sound - Trevor Webster
  • Costume Designer - Dee Robson
  • Make-up Artist - Fran Needham
  • Script Editor - Eric Saward
  • Title Sequence - Sid Sutton
  • Designer- Marjorie Pratt
  • Producer - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director - Ron Jones



aeroplane; Amsterdam; antimatter; antimatter universe; Arc of Infinity; atom; Australia; bicycle; biodata; Bob's Youth Hostel; Brisbane; Brussel; the Capitol; Capitol security compound; car; cardinal; Castellan; Chancellery Guard; Chancellor; commander; computer; computer room; Council Chamber; cricket ball; crypt; cybergun; Cyberman; dog; Dusseldorf; Dutch; Dutch language; Dutch law enforcement; E-Space; Earth; energy band; fairground organ; flamingo; Frankendael; fusion booster; Gallifrey; gardener; High Council of the Time Lords; Holland; hydrogen; impulse laser; KLM; Leela; London; Lord President's Seal; the Matrix; Matrix circlet; matter; matter converter; Omega's TARDIS; orange; Palma de Mallorca; passport; patrol staser; photon; photon cell; place of termination; pigeon; President of the Council; Prydonian Chapter; psychosynthesis; pulse loop; Q star; quad magnetism; Rassilon; recall circuit; regeneration; the Ritz; Romana; scanner; Schiphol Airport; space-time element; star; star chart; telephone; telephone box; temporal grace; Time Lord; torch; Traken; tram; treason; United States; wrist communicator

Additional references[]

Antwerpen; Birmingham; Computercollectief; Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf; G. Perlee; Helsinki; Hongkong; Hoppe; Jeugdherberg Central Youth Hostels; Jeugdherberg Vondelpark; Miele; Multiplan Uitzendorganisatie; NLM; Santiago de Chile; De Spaanse Ruiter; Tulips from Amsterdam; Vancouver