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"Battlefield" is the first story of the twenty-sixth season of Doctor Who.


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  • By Ben Aaronovitch
  • Stunt Arranger - Alf Joint
  • Theme music composed by Ron Grainer
  • Incidental Music - Keff McCulloch
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Production Manager - Ritta Lynn
  • Production Assistant - Rosemary Parsons
  • Assistant Floor Managers -
    • Matthew Purves
    • Julian Hearne
  • OB Lighting - Ian Dow
  • Engineering Manager - Brian Jones
  • OB Sound - Martin Broadfoot
  • OB Cameramen -
    • Paul Harding
    • Alan Jessop
  • Visual Effects Designer - Dave Bezkorowajny
  • Video Effects - Dave Chapman
  • Vision Mixer - Dinah Long
  • Graphic Designer - Oliver Elmes
  • Technical Co-ordinator - Richard Wilson
  • Camera Supervisor - Geoff Clark
  • Videotape Editor - Hugh Parson
  • Properties Buyer - Sara Richardson
  • Studio Lighting - David Lock
  • Studio Sound - Scott Talbott
  • Editing & 5.1 Sound Design - Mark Ayres (Special Edition)
  • Colourist - Jonathan Wood (Special Edition)
  • Digital Effects -
    • John Kelly (Special Edition)
    • Peter Crocker (Special Edition)
  • Costume Designer - Anushia Nieradzik
  • Make-up Designer - Juliette Mayer
  • Script Editor - Andrew Cartmel
  • Production Associate - June Collins
  • Designer - Martin Collins
  • Executive Producer for 2|entertain - Dan Hall (Special Edition)
  • Producer - Mark Ayres (Special Edition)
  • Producer - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director - Michael Kerrigan


8th century; 1684; 1987; 1997

air traffic control; alternative dimension; android; archaeology; Arthur; Arthur's Ale; Arthur's spaceship; Auton; Avallion; azalea; Azanian ceasefire; Badon; battle queen; Bedivere; beer; Bennett, Gordon; Benton, John; Bessie; bioengineer; Colonel Blimp; blindness; braille; brewery; brigadier; British currency; Briton; Briton (alternative dimension); bullet; Camlann; CAMRA; car; Carbury; Carbury Trust; Carbury Trust Conservation Area; Celidon; chalk; chalk circle; chess; Clarke's Law; Coke; Cyberman; Czech engineering group; Czechoslovak People's Army; Czechoslovakia; Czechoslovakian language; Dalek; distress signal; Docklands; doctor; Earth; earthquake; electromagnetic pulse; England; Europe; Excalibur; explosive; First World War; flight lieutenant; gelignite; Geneva; Geronimo; gold; Gore Crow Hotel; grenade; Greyhound One; gun; helicopter; heliport; high king; holy water; hypnotism; Ice Caves; jet; king; King of the Britons; knight; knight commander; knight general; Lake Vortigern; Lamb's; laser gun; lemonade; Liberty Hall; lieutenant; London; Low Countries; magic; Maiden of the Lake; major; Merlin; Ministry of Defence; Nitro-9; nuclear explosion; nuclear missile; Old British; Parkinson; peace conference; petrol; physicist; plasticine; poker; Quartermaster Sergeant; radio; regeneration; remembrance ceremony; revolver; Richards; robot; Royal Air Force; S'Rax; Salamander 6-0; samite; scabbard; scientific adviser; Seabird; Seabird One; Second World War; Secretary-General of the United Nations; Sedgwick; sergeant; Shakespeare, William; Shaw, Liz; Silurian; silver; silver bullet; steam; suspended animation; sword; tapeworm; tea; Teflon; telephone; trinitrotoluene; Uniform November Niner Zero; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; UNIT temporary HQ; vodka; Women's Royal Air Force; Yeti (robot)

Additional references[]

Cleave, Mary L.; G-HELO; General Service Medal (1918); Long Service and Good Conduct Medal; O'Connor, Bryan D.; Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal; Ross, Jerry L.; Shaw, Brewster H.; Spring, Sherwood C.; STS-61-B;