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Able Seaman Benjamin "Ben" Jackson was a Royal Navy sailor serving aboard the HMS Teazer during the mid-1960s. Having travelled with the Time Lord known as the Doctor, he took the opportunity to return to his own time when the TARDIS arrived on the day he had departed.


Early life[]

When he was a child, he lived with others in a residence opposite a brewery. He claimed that you could take a walk and get tipsy at the same time. He had a headmaster who was nicked for not paying his bus fare. (DW: "The Power of the Daleks")

He joined the Royal Navy, and held the rank of able seaman. By July 1966, he served as a radar plot rating on the HMS Teazer. (DW: "The War Machines")

Life aboard the TARDIS[]

Later life[]

By 2010, Sarah Jane Smith was aware of a man and a woman named Ben and Polly who she believed to have travelled with the Doctor. Ben and Polly ran an orphanage in India. (SJA: "Death of the Doctor")




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