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Private Betts was a British Army soldier who served under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the United Kingdom branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce during the mid-1970s.

In 1973, Betts was part of a group of UNIT soldiers that defended UNIT HQ in London from the Gel Guards. Lethbridge-Stewart ordered the complete evacuation of the building after their weapons were found to be ineffective. Led by Corporal Palmer, the soldiers awaited further orders as the building continued to be surrounded. Lethbridge-Stewart directed the soldiers to maintain vigilance, but told them to attempt no further offensive action. (DW: "The Three Doctors")

Later that year, Betts was among the UNIT personnel who travelled to Llanfairfach for the investigation into Global Chemicals. With a group consisting of Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton and Private Stevens, he observed the Royal Air Force's grenade strike against the giant maggots. (DW: "The Green Death")

In 1974, Betts remained in Central London after it was placed under martial law following the appearance of prehistoric reptiles. He was a member of the observation patrol that discovered a Stegosaurus in Section Five. The corporal in charge of the patrol placed Betts on a nearby roof as an observer. Betts's patrol later sighted an Apatosaurus at a power station in Section Twelve. Betts was among the soldiers who provided covering fire for the Doctor when he arrived on the scene. (DW: "Invasion of the Dinosaurs")




Betts was played by regular extra David Billa. The character was only addressed by name in "The Green Death" - an ad-lib made by John Levene in reference to producer Barry Letts. Like his other roles on Doctor Who, Billa's role as Betts was essentially that of a "spear carrier", performing a minor function on the behalf of a character more important to the narrative or being used to fill out numbers in group scenes involving a greater number of UNIT personnel than usual.