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Cape Kennedy was a location in the US state of Florida. It was the site of a NASA space centre, the Cape Kennedy Space Center. The name was often used as a metonym for the centre itself.


The space centre in 2018

In 1959, then known as Cape Canaveral, the facility launched a rocket carrying a low orbital satellite. (DW: "Delta and the Bannermen")

Cape Kennedy was one of many facilities scheduled to be linked through their computer systems by WOTAN on C-Day. (DW: "The War Machines")

In 1972, a consignment of ten units of Axonite was sent to Cape Kennedy as part of the British government's worldwide distribution of Axonite to every major capital and scientific establishment. (DW: "The Claws of Axos")

Professor Daunton Tyler once claimed that Wessex University had the most sophisticated cosmic ray monitoring device "between here and Cape Kennedy." (DW: "The Three Doctors")