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"Castrovalva" is the first story of the nineteenth season of Doctor Who.


Part One[]

Part Two[]

Part Three[]

Part Four[]

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  • Doctor Who - Peter Davison
  • Tegan - Janet Fielding
  • Nyssa - Sarah Sutton
  • Adric - Matthew Waterhouse
  • The Master - Anthony Ainley
  • Head Of Security - Dallas Cavell
  • Ruther - Frank Wylie
  • Shardovan - Derek Waring
  • Mergrave - Michael Sheard
  • Portreeve - Neil Toynai
  • Child - Souska John

Uncredited performers[]

  • Tom Baker as the Doctor (1) (archive footage only)
  • Harry Fielder as a security guard (1)
  • Adrian Gibbs as the Watcher (1) (archive footage only)
  • Cy Town as a warrior (2-3)


  • By Christopher H. Bidmead
  • Incidental Music - Paddy Kingsland
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Production Manager - Margot Hayhoe
  • Production Associate - Angela Smith
  • Production Assistant - Olivia Cripps
  • Assistant Floor Manager - Renny Tasker
  • Film Cameraman - John Baker
  • Film Sound - Jim McAlister
  • Film Editor - Robin Jackman
  • Visual Effects Designer - Simon McDonald
  • Video Effects - Dave Chapman
  • Technical Manager - Clive Gulliver
  • Senior Cameraman - Alec Wheal
  • Vision Mixer - Carol Johnson
  • Videotape Editor - Rod Waldron
  • Studio Lighting - Ron Bristow
  • Studio Sound - Laurie Taylor
  • Costume Designer - Odile Dicks-Mireaux
  • Make-Up Artist - Marion Richards
  • Script Editor - Eric Saward
  • Title Sequence - Sid Sutton
  • Designer - Janet Budden
  • Producer - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director - Fiona Cumming



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