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"Celestial Intervention Agency. They get their fingers into everything."
- Spandrell (DW: "The Deadly Assassin")

The Celestial Intervention Agency (CIA) was a covert organisation that was known to have widespread influence in Time Lord society. A typical CIA agent was considered to be ruthless and determined. (DW: "The Deadly Assassin")

When a cosmic energy drain initiated by an unidentified hostile within a black hole endangered the time travel facility of the Time Lords and threatened the destruction of the whole fabric of space-time, the exiled Time Lord known as the Doctor was sent, with the help of his two previous incarnations displaced from their parts of the timestream, to reverse it. With the crisis averted, the sentence of banishment passed against the Doctor by the Malfeasance Tribunal was subsequently remitted at the intercession of the Celestial Intervention Agency. (DW: "The Three Doctors", "The Deadly Assassin")

Although there was no further information on the Doctor's involvement with the CIA on file in the Capitol's archives, Castellan Spandrell of the Chancellery Guard suspected that he may have been more closely implicated with the organisation. (DW: "The Deadly Assassin")