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Doctor Clifford "Cliff" Jones was a Nobel prize winning biologist, environmental activist and university professor. He was known for running the biotechnic research unit and commune at Wholeweal during the early 1970s. He was married to fellow activist Jo Jones.


Cliff Jones in 1973

(DW: "The Green Death")

Their marriage resulted in seven children, but they eventually drifted apart, something that Jones attributed to a "big, blue crystal" coming between them. (SJA: "Death of the Doctor"; "Global Conspiracy!")

In the 1980s, he developed his own range of meat-free products under the brand of Nuthutch Foods, where he would serve as chairman by 2003. This venture was, in Jones's words, "very successful." ("Global Conspiracy!")


Cliff Jones in 2003

In 2003, Professor Jones was interviewed at Nuthutch Foods for Global Conspiracy? A Special Report by Terry Scanlon. Recalling his marriage to Jo Jones, he stated that he had loved her very much and still did. He also revealed that he still encountered Jocelyn Stevens at business conferences and gallery openings. ("Global Conspiracy!")

By 2010, he was again married to Jo Jones. They had twelve grandchildren - including Santiago Jones - by this time, with a thirteenth on the way. At the time of the Doctor's funeral at UNIT Base 5, he was picketing an oil rig in the Ascension Islands. (SJA: "Death of the Doctor")