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Coal Hill School, also known as Coal Hill Road Shoreditch Secondary School or Coal Hill Secondary School, was a secondary school located on Coal Hill Road and Foreman Street in Shoreditch, London. In 2016, the school was renovated and reopened as Coal Hill Academy, sponsored by EverUpwardReach Ltd.


Coal Hill School[]

Coal Hill Academy[]


Geography, German, history, information technology, law, physical education, psychology, religion and philosophy and science - physics were among the subjects taught at Coal Hill School in 2014. (DW: "The Caretaker")


  • Dorothea Ames, headmistress (2016)
  • Francis Armitage, head teacher / headmaster (c. 19 July 2013 - c. 2016)
  • Ian Chesterton, chairman of the governors (c. 2013 - c. 2014)
  • W. Coburn, headmaster (c. 2013 - c. 2014) [1]
  • H. Parson, headmaster (c. 1963)




  • Beth, teacher (c. 2014)
  • Brownlee, head of year (c. 2013)
  • Cathy, teacher (c. 2014)
  • Adrian Davies, history and English teacher (c. 2014)
  • A. Dunlop, teacher (c. 2015)
  • James H, teacher (c. 2014)
  • Jo, teacher (c. 2014)
  • Clara Oswald, English teacher (2013 - 2015)
  • Danny Pink, maths teacher and head of the Coal Hill Cadet Squad (2014)
  • Andrea Quill, physics teacher (2016)
  • Shah, history teacher (c. 2016)
  • Tom, teacher (c. 2013)

Other staff[]

  • Atif, caretaker (c. 2014)
  • C. Caroll, assistant football coach (c. 2016)
  • Tom Dawson, football coach (c. 2016)
  • "John Smith", caretaker (2014)
  • P. Volkovna, cleaner (c. 2016)






  • Doctor Who:
    • "100,000 BC"
    • "Remembrance of the Daleks"
    • "The Day of the Doctor"
    • "Deep Breath"
    • "Into the Dalek"
    • "Time Heist"
    • "The Caretaker"
    • "Kill the Moon"
    • "In the Forest of the Night"
    • "The Magician's Apprentice"
    • "The Woman Who Lived" (photograph)
  • Destiny of the Doctor: "Hunters of Earth"
  • Class: (every episode)



  1. In the 2014 setting of "The Caretaker", a sign is still visible outside Coal Hill School indicating that W. Coburn is the headmaster despite the introduction of Francis Armitage in "Into the Dalek". This is later contradicted by a letter seen on-screen in "Nightvisiting" establishing that Francis Armitage was the head teacher by 19 July 2013.