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"Dead of Night" is the third episode of the fourth series of Torchwood.


Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Background information[]

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Special Guest Starring

  • Lauren Ambrose (Jilly Kitzinger)
  • Arlene Tur (Vera Juarez)

Guest Starring

  • Wayne Knight (Brian Friedkin)
  • Dillon Casey as Brad
  • Richard Gilliland as Congressman Morganthall


  • Tasha Ames as Carla
  • Thea Andrews as Local Reporter
  • Richard Augustine as George Sayer
  • Daryl Crittenden as Young Man
  • Mitchell Edmonds as Senior TV Anchor
  • Matt Eyde as Atlanta Cop
  • Mary Garripoli as Woman Tourist
  • Tedd Mattison as Phi-Corp Rep
  • Jason Medwin as Sunroof Screamer
  • George Murdock as Preacher
  • Brian Treitler as Dr. Murphy
  • Randa Walker as Candice Perlmutter
  • Maurice Webster as Cop
  • Michelle Wong as Nurse
  • David Youse as Dr. Rosenbloom

Uncredited performers[]

  • Gigi Preston as Shelby Lewis
  • Unknown performers as
    • Andy Collier
    • Anwen Williams
    • Atlanta policeman
    • Georgian police escort


  • Produced by Kelly A Manners
  • Created by Russell T Davies
  • Written by Jane Espenson
  • Directed by Billy Gierhart
  • Executive Producers -
    • Russell T Davies
    • Julie Gardner
    • Jane Tranter
  • Co-Executive Producer - Jane Espenson
  • Co-Executive Producer - Vlad Wolynetz
  • Associate Producer - Skip Schoolnik
  • Casting by John Frank Levery, CSA and Melanie Burgess
  • Director of Photography - Christopher Faloona
  • Production Designer - Gregory Melton
  • Edited by Michael N. Knue, A.C.E.
  • Unit Production Manager - Robert D. Nellans
  • First Assistant Director - Jefferson Kibbee
  • Second Assistant Director - Carla Bowen
  • Score by Murray Gold
  • Assistant Composer - Stu Kennedy
  • Costume Designer - Shawna Trpcic
  • Camera Operator - Jeff Greeley
  • Chief Lighting Technician - Don Mosley
  • Key Grip - Isaac Chee
  • Set Designer - Arthur Chadwick
  • Set Decorator - Natali Pope
  • Location Manager - Joe Akerman
  • Transportation Coordinator - Heath Culp
  • Construction Coordinator - Chris Forster
  • Key Make-Up Artist - Todd McIntosh
  • Key Hair Stylist - Susan Boyd
  • Science Advisor - John Sotos, M.D.
  • Property Master - Eric Bates
  • Production Accountant - Vince Robinette
  • Script Supervisor - Paula Hunziker
  • Production Sound Mixer - Julian Howarth
  • Assistant Editor - Sara Mineo
  • Production Executive - Shelley Stevens
  • Supervising Sound Editor - Walt Newman
  • Co-Supervisor - Ken Young
  • Music Editor - Tom Trafalski
  • Re-Recording Mixers -
    • Dan Hiland
    • Gary Rogers
  • Post Production Supervisor - Kenneth Requa
  • Special Make-Up FX by Greg Nicotero & Howard Berger
  • Computer Graphics by Twisted Media
  • Visual Effects by Lion Visual Effects, Inc.
  • Visual Effects Supervisor - Michael D. Leone
  • High Definition Post Production by Modern Videofilm, Inc.
  • Post Production Sound by Warner Bros.
  • Originally Developed and Produced by BBC Cymru Wales


1906; 2010; 2011

3rd; 5th; 11th; 278; Acquainted with the Night; alien; antibiotic; Arlington; Arlington Police; Atlanta; Atlanta Police; Biafra; Bible; Boston; Boston (street); brain; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; Cabina, Susie; "captain"; car; Catholic; Central Intelligence Agency; China; cholera; cigarette; City General Hospital; City Hall, Washington, D.C.; Cleveland; coffee; Columbia; computer; contact lenses; contraceptive; crisps; Dallas; Davidson, Andy; Doctors Without Borders; Drummond, Sarah; Earth; emergency room; Europe; Federal Emergency Management Agency; Freeville Hotel; Frost, Robert; Garfield Building; gay; Georgia; Golden Gopher; gun; Hong Kong; Hotel Lindy; I-5; India; Internet; Johns Hopkins; Jones, Ianto; Langley; laptop; Lasker Prize; lemonade; Los Angeles; Mabel's Diner; medical doctor; medical panel; metanec; Metropolitan Fire and EMS; Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia; Miracle Day; mobile phone; morphic fields; Motel Glen Capri; murder; National Institutes of Health; New Delhi; North Street West; painkiller; Paraguay; pedophile; Peterfield, Lyn; PhiCorp; plague; pregnancy; prescription drug; Providence; Riverdale; scotch; section chief; sergeant; sex; Singapore; sobriety chip; Soulless; South Wales Police; Southwest; Swansea; spontaneous abortion; Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening; stroke; Supreme Court; SWAT; Tacoma; Torchwood Institute; Torchwood software; Torchwood team; telephone; television; Three Families; United Kingdom; United States; United States Congress; United States law enforcement; USB; vine; Virginia; virus; Washington, D.C.; Washington Dulles International Airport; White House; "World War Two"

Additional references[]

chicken; ChipyChips; Christ, Jesus; Christianity; financial market; God; Live Prime-Time News Channel; WVBS; WWCN News; WYUB