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"Death to the Daleks" is the third story of the eleventh season of Doctor Who.


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  • Doctor Who - Jon Pertwee
  • Sarah Jane Smith - Elisabeth Sladen
  • Dan Galloway - Duncan Lamont
  • Richard Railton - John Abineri
  • Commander Stewart - Neil Seiler
  • Peter Hamilton - Julian Fox
  • Jill Tarrant - Joy Harrison
  • High Priest - Mostyn Evans
  • Bellal - Arnold Yarrow
  • Gotal - Roy Heymann
  • Dalek voices - Michael Wisher
  • Dalek Operators -
    • John Scott-Martin
    • Cy Town
    • Murphy Grunbar

Uncredited performers[]

  • Steven Ismay as an antibody (4)
  • Terry Walsh as
    • Antibody (4)
    • Burning Exxilon (3)
    • Jack (1)


  • Written by Terry Nation
  • Directed by Michael Briant
  • Fights arranged by Terry Walsh
  • Title Music - Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Title Sequence - Bernard Lodge
  • Music composed and conducted by Carey Blyton and played by the London Saxophone Quartet
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Visual Effects - Jim Ward
  • Masks - John Friedlander
  • Costume Designer - L. Rowland Warne
  • Make-Up - Magdalen Gaffney
  • Film Cameraman - Bill Matthews
  • Film Sound - Bill Chesneau
  • Film Editor - Bob Rymer
  • Studio Lighting - Derek Slee
  • Studio Sound - Richard Chubb
  • Script Editor - Terrance Dicks
  • Designer - Colin Green



700 Wonders of the Universe; antibody (Exxilon city); armament circuit; axe; blood; bow and arrow; captain; chemical-detecting satellite; commander; computer; Dalek; Dalek Empire; Dalek ship; Dalek War; damage report; Earth; Earth's Empire; electricity; explosive charge; Exxilon; Exxilon (planet); Exxilon city; Exxilon language; Florana; genie; geologist; Hamlet; high priest; humanoid; I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside; intelligence test; knife; lettuce; lieutenant; machine gun; Marine Space Corps; Master of Science; mining; mining dome; mission ship; nervous breakdown; neutraliser; Outer Worlds; parrinium; Peru; piastre; plague; plague missile; poison; psychokinesis; relief ship; robot; root probe; salt; salt shaker; sand; scanner; scorched planet policy; self-destruct; sonic screwdriver; spear; Stone Age; stone knife; sulphagen tablet; sunglasses; sun lotion; target model; Venusian hopscotch; water wings; weapons officer; Z-47