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The Earth Government, also referred to as the World Government, was the ruling body of the planet Earth from the 22nd century through the 30th century, presiding over Earth's interplanetary empire until its collapse during that century. An entity of this name was in existence as late as the 39th century. (DW: "The Space Pirates", "The Mutants", "The Curse of Peladon")


Earth Government emblem (26th century)




The President of Earth was the head of government. The president's duties involved attending cabinet meetings. The president's authority in purely military matters was limited, but contrary decisions from military officials could be overruled if the president had the backing of the full Earth Senate. (DW: "Frontier in Space") The office of minister also existed within the government. (DW: "The Twin Dilemma") In 2540, a congressman served as the Leader of the Opposition. (DW: "Frontier in Space")

Departments and agencies[]

  • Bureau of Interplanetary Affairs
  • Bureau of Population Control
  • Bureau of Records
  • Central Flight Information
  • Earth Control
  • Earth Council
  • Earth Council Security
  • Earth Security
  • Earth Senate
  • Interplanetary Police
  • Interplanetary Pursuit
  • Interplanetary Space Command
  • Treasury of Earth


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