Edward Masters was a British civil servant who served as the Permanent Under-Secretary to the Ministry of Science during the early 1970s.


In 1971, he visited the Wenley Moor research centre to conduct a personal investigation of unexplained power losses at the centre. He was on a first-name basis with the centre's director, Doctor Charles Lawrence, who had written to him to recall the investigators from UNIT. Lawrence's research program had promised limitless supplies of cheap, safe energy from the direct conversion of nuclear energy to electricity but had shown no results after millions of pounds in funding. Consequently, Masters was under heavy pressure from the Minister of Science to shut down the research centre. During his stay at the centre, he became aware of the Silurian incursion in the caves beneath Wenley Moor and their plans to spread a disease intended to kill humans. Intending to recommend the centre be shut down immediately, Masters returned to London by train but had unknowingly become infected with the disease at the centre. Seeking to quarantine him, UNIT arranged a police search for Masters. Spreading the infection to Marylebone station, Masters took a taxi to the Ministry of Science and died outside the building just as police arrived to intercept him. (DW: "Doctor Who and the Silurians")