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"Frontier in Space" is the third story of the tenth season of Doctor Who.


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  • Dr. Who - Jon Pertwee
  • Jo Grant - Katy Manning
  • President of Earth - Vera Fusek
  • General Williams - Michael Hawkins
  • Draconian Prince - Peter Birrell
  • Gardiner - Ray Lonnen
  • Kemp - Barry Ashton
  • Hardy - John Rees
  • Stewart - Graham Leaman
  • Newscaster - Louis Mahoney
  • Draconian Space Pilot - Roy Pattison
  • Secretary - Karol Hagar
  • The Master - Roger Delgado
  • Professor Dale - Harold Goldblatt
  • Patel - Madhav Sharma
  • Prison Governor - Dennis Bowen
  • Cross - Richard Shaw
  • Sheila - Luan Peters
  • Technician - Caroline Hunt
  • Lunar Guard - Lawrence Harrington
  • Draconian Captain - Bill Wilde
  • Draconian Emperor - John Woodnutt
  • Draconian Messenger - Ian Frost
  • Earth Cruiser Captain - Clifford Elkin
  • First Ogron - Stephen Thorne
  • Second Ogron - Michael Kilgarriff
  • Third Ogron - Rick Lester
  • Congressman Brook - Ramsay Williams
  • Newscaster - Bill Mitchell (credit only)
  • Pilot of Space Ship - Stanley Price
  • Daleks -
  • Dalek Voice - Michael Wisher

Uncredited performers[]

  • Timothy Craven as an Earth Security cell guard (2)
  • Lawrence Davidson as the first secretary of the Draconian Embassy (2)
  • Pat Gorman as
    • President of Earth's guard (2)
    • Illusion of a Sea Devil (6)
  • Dennis Plenty as an Earth Security entry guard (2)
  • Unknown actor as an illusion of a Mutt (6)


  • Written by Malcolm Hulke
  • Directed by Paul Bernard
  • Produced by Barry Letts
  • Title Music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Visual Effects Designers -
    • Bernard Wilkie
    • Rhys Jones
  • Lighting - Ralph Walton
  • Sound - Brian Hiles
  • Costume Designer - Barbara Kidd
  • Make-Up - Sandra Shepherd
  • Masks by John Friedlander
  • Script Editor - Terrance Dicks
  • Designer - Cynthia Ključo


21st century; 2520; 2539; 2540

"142"; 2390; airlock; ambassador; assault and battery; banana; battle cruiser; battle fleet; battle stations; Belgrade; blaster; boarding party; Bond, James; brigadier; Bureau of Population Control; C-982; captain; cargo ship; chocolate; closed-circuit television camera; cocktail; colony; commander; commissioner; computer; congressman; consulate; Dalek; Dalek city; dominion; Draconia; Draconian; Draconian Embassy; Draconian Emperor; Draconian Emperor's palace; Draconian Empire; Draconian frontier; Draconian War; dragon; Drashig; durilium; Earth; Earth Control; Earth's Empire; Earth Government; Earth military; Earth Security; Earth Senate; electromagnet; electronic lock; engineer; espionage; exterior electrical circuit; film; first officer; flight deck; flour; Fortress Island prison; frontier patrol ship; G-1; galactic coordinates; Galaxy class; gangster; Gardiner's battle cruiser; general; governor; Great Plague of Draconia; gun; Helsinki; High Council of the Time Lords; Historical Monuments Preservation Society; Home! Sweet Home; homing device; Humpty Dumpty; hyperdrive; hyperspace; hypnosis; income tax; Intergalactic Peace Conference; Interplanetary Police; jellyfish; journalist; Leader of the Opposition; Lethbridge-Stewart, Alistair; Los Angeles; Lunar penal colony; Mars-Venus cruise; Mary Had a Little Lamb; massage; Medusoid; memory bank; mercenary; Milky Way Galaxy; mind probe; missile; the Moon; neuronic stun gun; neutraliser; neutronic missile; neutron storm; New Glasgow; New Montreal; nobleman; nursery rhyme; Ogron; Ogron Eater; Ogron homeworld; Ogron raiding ship; panda; Peace Party; Peking; poet; police spaceship; political prisoner; President of Earth; prince; professor; rabbit; radar; radio; red alert; regeneration; remand; reptile; rescue ship; rocket; scout ship; Sea Devil; See Saw Margery Daw; sergeant; shuttle; Sir Galahad; Sirius III; Sirius IV; Sirius IV Dominion Bank; Solonian; Solos; sonic screwdriver; space liner; spaceport; Spaceport 10; spaceship; space suit; spacewalk; Special Security Act; state of emergency; stowaway; tea; telepathic circuits; three-dimensional chess; Time Lord; tin; Tokio; transmitter; Treasury of Earth; treaty; trusty; ultrasonics; UNIT HQ; Venusian karate; videocast; video conference; visual scanner; V sign; wine; Women's Lib; X-29

Additional references[]

High Court of Bassat; Sc; Smalk; The War of the Worlds; Wells, H.G.