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General was a military rank used variously in ground and space-based military services. In many Earth militaries, it was the highest rank. The term "general" was used in two ways: as the generic title for all ranks of general (including brigadier general, major general, lieutenant general and general) and as a specific rank.


Noted generals[]


See British Army generals


  • Lakh (Seers of the realm of Hedas)
  • Grugger (Gaztak fortune hunter)
  • Ravon (Kaled army)
  • Sholakh (Levithian Invincibles)
  • Staal the Undefeated (10th Sontaran Battle Fleet)

Other uses[]

Ancelyn ap Gwalchmai served as knight general of the Britons in an alternative dimension where Arthur ruled as King of the Britons. (DW: "Battlefield")

See also[]

  • Field Marshal
  • Grand Marshal
  • Group Marshal
  • Marshal