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Geneva was a city in Switzerland. UNIT Central Command, the international headquarters of UNIT, was based in the city. (DW: "The Invasion")

During the mid-1980s, the office of the General Secretary of International Space Command was located in the city. In December 1986, Secretary Wigner was in charge of ISC when atmosphere testing probe Zeus IV was drawn into the orbit of the approaching planet Mondas and was dispersed in an explosion. Mass landings of Cyberman spaceships in many parts of the world followed and ISC Geneva was captured. The Geneva group of Cybermen, led by Controller of the Earth Gern, was disintegrated along with all other Cybermen on Earth when their planet was destroyed. (DW: "The Tenth Planet")

In the early 2010s, Geneva's UNIT HQ was commanded by a British Army general. On Christmas Day 2010, UNIT personnel working at the base became members of the Master race after the Master used the Immortality Gate to transmit the medical template of himself over the entire human race. (DW: "The End of Time")




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