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Geoffery Baxter was a British Army soldier who worked as a data cypher for the United Kingdom branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce during the late 2000s.


UNIT medical record

In 2006, Baxter was present at UNIT HQ, London's mission control centre during the Guinevere One crisis. Because his blood type was A+, he was susceptible to the Sycorax's use of blood control and was subsequently compelled to climb to the edge of a rooftop. (DW: "The Christmas Invasion")

A uniformed Baxter served aboard the Valiant at the time of first contact with the Toclafane in 2008. (DW: "The Sound of Drums")


Baxter aboard the Valiant

In 2013, Baxter was among a group of eight UNIT soldiers who conducted a raid on The Cloud office on floor 65 of the Shard after the building was placed under UNIT control. (DW: "The Bells of Saint John")


Geoffery Baxter was played by extra and stand-in Ian Hilditch. Although the character is mentioned as being present in "The Christmas Invasion", Hilditch's appearance amongst the extras ascending the Tower of London has not been confirmed and it is possible only a photograph of the character was used in that appearance.