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A humanoid is something that has an appearance resembling a human being. A true humanoid is a warm-blooded, oxygen-breathing biped with a central nervous system and a well-developed cerebrum. (DW: "The Brain of Morbius")

The cheek is a humanoid facial component. (DW: “The Invasion of Time”) Other characteristics include the possession of two arms and binocular vision. (DW: "Kinda")

Despite the ubiquity of this form of life, not all dominant species in the universe look like humans. Rills are a notable example of such a species. (DW: "Galaxy 4") Daleks, although descended from humanoids themselves, believed humanoids had no other value than to be useful work machines. (DW: "Destiny of the Daleks")

List of humanoid species[]

Humanoid form[]

The following species have chosen to take humanoid form at some point.

  • Axon
  • Chronovore
  • Vishcla