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The Interstellar Space Corps was a military agency of the Earth Government responsible for law enforcement in the space ways during the 22nd century.


Interstellar Space Corps officers (2135)


Bridge of a Space Corps V-ship (2135)


In 2116, a major in the intelligence section of Space Corps named Stott posed as a crewman on the Volante while on a special assignment to investigate drug running. The Tryst zoological expedition aboard the ship was found to be transporting a new type of the highly addictive vraxoin. (DW: "Nightmare of Eden")

In 2135, the V-ship V41-LO was captained by Space 1st Division commander General Nikolai Hermack on a mission to the Fourth Sector of the Galaxy to investigate a missing beacon that had marked the approach to New Sarum. This was one of a series of attacks in the sector by a highly organised gang of criminals who practiced space piracy under the leadership of Maurice Caven. With the Space Corps occupied with brushfire wars in three different sectors, the pirates believed it was the best time to plunder the navigation beacons for argonite. (DW: "The Space Pirates")


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