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Jacqueline Kennedy was the wife of President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and served as First Lady until the end of his presidency with his assassination in 1963.


Jacqueline Kennedy (top-right) at the time of her husband's assassination in 1963

Jacqueline Kennedy was present at the time of her husband's assassination, being seated just to his left in the presidential limousine. (DW: "Rose")

In July 1966, Mrs Kennedy was in Seville for a ball. Her attendance was reported in a London newspaper. (DW: "The War Machines")

By 2004, a photograph depicting Jacqueline Kennedy shortly before the assassination could be found in the Washington public archive. A copy of the photograph that was in the possession of Clive Finch was shown to Rose Tyler in March 2005. (DW: "Rose")

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