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For his counterpart from another universe, see John Benton (parallel space-time continuum).

John Benton was a British Army warrant officer who held the post of regimental sergeant major under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart in the United Kingdom branch of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce. Prior to this, he served under Lethbridge-Stewart as both a corporal and a sergeant.


Sergeant John Benton (1973)

Baby benton

Benton as he appeared as a baby


Corporal John Benton (1971)

UNIT service[]

During the summer of 1971, Corporal Benton and a soldier named Tracy conducted undercover surveillance work outside the central office of International Electromatics in London. (DW: "The Invasion")

Later that year, he held the rank of sergeant. (DW: "The Ambassadors of Death")

Later life[]

By 2013, photographs of John Benton were held by the Black Archive. These included a photograph of him standing alongside Leela, and a photograph of him with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan. (DW: "The Day of the Doctor")

Family and interests[]

He had a younger sister. On the day of Guy Crayford's return to Earth in 1975, he agreed to meet her at eight o'clock outside a Chinese takeaway so that he could take her to a dance at The Palais. (DW: "The Android Invasion")

He was a follower of rugby and was capable of flying a helicopter. (DW: "The Dæmons") During their time in UNIT, he taught Mike Yates how to make toad in the hole. (Serpent Crest: "Survivors in Space")


RSM John Benton (1975)





  • John Benton was played by actor John Levene.
  • In "The Dæmons", Benton uses a Walther P38 (with and without a silencer) as a sidearm. In "The Time Monster", his sidearm is a Walther PPK, which becomes a Beretta M1934 between shots.
  • Between "The Dæmons" and "The Green Death", Benton's service dress uniform bears a 3rd class (or staff) crimson aiguilette on his left shoulder, signifying attachés, assistants and aides-de-camp in the British Army.
  • From "Robot" onwards, Benton's service dress uniform displays the General Service Medal (1962).