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K-9 Mark IV was the fourth model of the K-9 series of mobile computers. Following the destruction of this model's predecessor, K-9 was built by the Doctor as a replacement gift for Sarah Jane Smith.



  • Doctor Who:
    • "School Reunion"
    • "Journey's End"
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures:
    • "Invasion of the Bane"
    • "The Lost Boy"
    • "The Mad Woman in the Attic"
    • "The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith"
    • "Mona Lisa's Revenge" (illustration animated by living paint energy)
    • "The Gift"
    • "The Nightmare Man"
    • "Death of the Doctor" (archive footage only)
    • "Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith"
    • "The Man Who Never Was" (archive footage only)
  • "From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love"
  • SJA: Alien Files:
    • "Episode 1" (archive footage only)
    • "Episode 2" (archive footage only)
    • "Episode 4" (archive footage only)
    • "Episode 5" (illustration animated by living paint energy, archive footage only)


  • The Sarah Jane Adventures:
    • "The Eternity Trap"
    • "The Empty Planet"
  • SJA: Alien Files: "Episode 3"
  • "Farewell, Sarah Jane"