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"Liberty Hall" is a featurette on the DVD release of "Mawdryn Undead" that is set in the Doctor Who universe. It takes the form of an interview between retired Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and journalist Philip Clarke on the grounds of Brendon School during the 21st century. The short film features the last acting role of Nicholas Courtney.


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Uncredited performers[]

  • Peter Davison as the Doctor (archive footage only)
  • Angela Douglas as Doris Lethbridge-Stewart (archive footage only)
  • Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka (archive footage only)
  • Richard Franklin as Mike Yates (archive footage only)
  • Stephen Garlick as Ibbotson (archive footage only)
  • Roger Hammond as Runciman (archive footage only)
  • John Levene as John Benton (archive footage only)
  • Angus Mackay as Sellick (archive footage only)
  • Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan (archive footage only)
  • Mark Strickson as Vislor Turlough (archive footage only)
  • Sarah Sutton as Nyssa (archive footage only)


  • By Karen Davies
  • Directed by Brendan Sheppard
  • With thanks to -
    • Sarah Birdsall
    • Derek Handley
    • Roderick Gibson
    • Justin Anderson

Directors of Photography -

  • David Symmons
  • David Baker
  • Sound - Jennie Harris
  • Music -
    • Paddy Kingsland
    • BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Off-line Editor – Michael Connors
  • On-line Editor – Leanne Sheppard
  • Colourist – Jonathan Wood
  • Dubbing Mixer – Matthew Dilley
  • Production Assistants -
    • Anina Simpson
    • Maria Halfhide
  • Assistant Producer – Karen Davies
  • Producer – Brendan Sheppard
  • Executive Producer – Dan Hall


1977; 1983; 1984; 2000; 2000s

amnesia; bean; Brendon School; brigadier; Brighton; British Army; British monarchy; Buckingham Palace; car; Carbury; CBE; Chancery Lane; Combined Cadet Force; the Doctor's TARDIS; Earth; English language; Evening Echo; fogou; Geneva; Gordon; Humber 16/50 open tourer; journalist; Liberty Hall; lieutenant; Malebolgia; mathematics; nervous breakdown; obelisk; Official Secrets Act; police box; Porton Down; Royal Pavilion; solicitor; Stewart, Kate; telegraph; UNIT Central Command; United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; United States; watch