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"Logopolis" is the seventh story of the eighteenth season of Doctor Who.


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Uncredited performers[]

  • George Ballantine as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Douglas Bather as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Richard Bonehill as a security guard (4)
  • Nicholas Courtney as Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (4) (archive footage only)
  • Derek Deadman as Stor (4) (archive footage only)
  • Jim Delaney as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Valentine Dyall as the Black Guardian (4) (archive footage only)
  • Adrian Gibbs as the Watcher (1-4)
  • Billy Gray as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Keith Guest as a security guard (4)
  • Louise Jameson as Leela (4) (archive footage only)
  • Ray Knight as a policeman (1)
  • John Leeson as K-9 (Mark II) (4) (archive footage only)
  • Jimmy Mac as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan (4) (archive footage only)
  • Brychan Powell as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Peter Pratt as the Master (4) (archive footage only)
  • Bruce Purchase as the captain of the Vantarialis (4) (archive footage only)
  • Simon Ramirez as a security guard (4)
  • Terry Rendle as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Christopher Robbie as a Cyberleader (4) (archive footage only)
  • Evan Ross as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Peter Roy as a policeman (1-2)
  • Roy Seeley as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Roy Skelton as Dalek voice (4) (archive voice-over)
  • Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith (4) (archive footage only)
  • Robin Squire as a Pharos Project technician (4)
  • Charles Stewart as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Derek Suthern as Davis (1-2)
  • Mary Tamm as Romana (4) (archive footage only)
  • Colin Thomas as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • John Tucker as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Walter Turner as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Lalla Ward as Romana (4) (archive footage only)
  • Peter Whitaker as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Bill Whitehead as a Logopolitan (2-3)
  • Steve Whyment as a security guard (4)
  • Michael Wisher as Davros (4) (archive footage only)
  • John Woodnutt as Broton (4) (archive footage only)
  • Unknown performer as a Dalek (4) (archive footage only)


  • By Christopher H. Bidmead
  • Incidental Music - Paddy Kingsland
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Film Cameraman - Peter Hall
  • Film Sound - Jim McAlister
  • Film Editor - Paul Humfress
  • Production Manager - Margot Hayhoe
  • Production Associate - Angela Smith
  • Production Assistant - Patricia Greenland
  • Assistant Floor Manager - Val McCrimmon
  • Visual Effects Designer - John Horton
  • Video Effects - Dave Chapman
  • Vision Mixer - Carol Johnson
  • Technical Manager - Terry Brett
  • Senior Cameraman - Reg Poulter
  • Videotape Editor - Rod Waldron
  • Studio Lighting - Henry Barber
  • Studio Sound - John Holmes
  • Costume Designer - June Hudson
  • Make-up Artist - Dorka Nieradzik
  • Script Editor - Christopher H. Bidmead
  • Title Sequence - Sid Sutton
  • Designer - Malcolm Thornton
  • Executive Producer - Barry Letts
  • Producer - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director - Peter Grimwade



abacus; aeroplane; air stewardess; ancient Greek language; architectural configuration system; Badge for Mathematical Excellence; Barnet; Barnet Bypass; battle stations; bicycle; block transfer computation; boat; Brisbane; bubble memory; car; Cassiopeia; Central Register; chameleon circuit; chess; Cloister Bell; computer; CVE; Cyber Leader; Cyberman; Dalek; detective inspector; dimensional anomaly; dog; E-Space; Earth; electro-muscular constrictor; entropy; Gallifrey; gravity bubble; hamster; Huxley, Thomas; I.M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant; Kaled; Kassia; Keeper of Traken; lighthouse; light speed overdrive; Logopolis; Logopolitan; London; London Airport; the Master's TARDIS; mathematics; Metropolitan Police; Metulla Orionsis; Milky Way Galaxy; Outback; Pharos Project; Pharos Project (replica); plasmic shell; police box; pure mathematics; pyramid; radio; radio telescope; regeneration; River Thames; scanner; Sector 8023; solicitor; sonic projector; Sontaran; sports car; Symphony No. 8 in B minor; TARDIS Handbook Type 40; telephone; thermodynamics, second law of; Third Quadrant; time cone inverter; Time Lord; tissue compression eliminator; Totter's Lane; Traken; Tremas; United Kingdom; wheel spanner; Zygon

Additional references[]

Air Canada; Barnet Borough Council