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Mark Gatiss (born 17 October 1966) is an English writer and actor who has written for and appeared in Doctor Who. He was also the writer and producer of "Global Conspiracy!".

Writing credits[]

  • "Global Conspiracy!"
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Unquiet Dead"
    • "The Idiot's Lantern"
    • "Victory of the Daleks"
    • "Night Terrors"
    • "Cold War"
    • "The Crimson Horror"
    • "Robot of Sherwood"
    • "Sleep No More"

On-screen appearances[]

  • Terry Scanlon ("Global Conspiracy!")
  • Richard Lazarus (DW: "The Lazarus Experiment")
  • Voice of "Danny Boy" (DW: "Victory of the Daleks", "A Good Man Goes to War")
  • Gantok (DW: "The Wedding of River Song")
  • Archibald Lethbridge-Stewart (DW: "Twice Upon a Time")

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