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Melanie "Mel" Bush was a British computer programmer who lived in Pease Pottage during the late 20th century. She travelled with the Time Lord known as the Doctor, but left the TARDIS to voyage with Sabalom Glitz aboard the Nosferatu II.




  • Doctor Who:
    • "The Vervoids" (Matrix projection)
    • "Time Inc."
    • "Time and the Rani"
    • "Paradise Towers"
    • "Delta and the Bannermen"
    • "Dragonfire"
    • "The Day of the Doctor" (photograph)


In his July 1985 character outline for Mel Bush, producer John Nathan-Turner wrote the following:

"Melanie is scintillating, fascinating, and irritating. She has a mane of red hair, fierce blue eyes, and freckles. She is twenty-one years old and a computer programmer from Pease Pottage, Sussex.
"In 1986, when the Master attempted a massive computer fraud involving all the banking houses in the world, Melanie joined forces with the Doctor, helping to defeat the Master's dastardly plan, and has now been with him for some three months (in Earth time).
"Melanie is one of those annoying young ladies who is a 'feminist' at all times, except at moments of great stress, when she relies heavily on playing the hard-done-by, down-trodden, crocodile-teared female.
"She is heavily into aerobics and health food. She considers the Doctor overweight and in need of regular Jane Fonda-type movement lessons, although the Doctor insists he gets quite enough exercise dashing around the Galaxy defeating evil. She often attempts to force health-giving, vitamin-enriched food on the Doctor (muesli, raw carrots, etc.), which may provide useful comic relief.
"Despite her feminist attitudes, she appears to attempt to stabilise the Doctor's hitherto, in her opinion, unhealthy and irrational way of life.
"She has a strong sense of humour and is often heard singing in the TARDIS, much to the annoyance of the Doctor.
"Although the Doctor is ferociously fond of Melanie, who prefers to be known as Mel (well, she would, wouldn't she?), he resists all attempts to stabilise his existence.
"Melanie is the first Earth-UK Companion for twelve years. We shall soon see why.
"Mel screams well and runs down corridors with élan. (Despite being a computer programmer, Melanie cannot operate the TARDIS. On the odd occasion that she tries, disaster ensues.)