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Mia Bennett was an American astronaut who served as geologist on the Bowie Base One mission in the late 2050s.


Mia Bennett was born in Houston, Texas in 2032, the daughter of renowned geologist and astronaut Peter Bennett. Shortly after she was born, her mother died in a car accident and her father relinquished his career of space exploration to stay on Earth and bring her up. She was fascinated by her father's work and often accompanied him on research trips, asking endless questions about outer space and the formation of planets.

It was no surprise when she decided to study geology at Stanford, where she became the first student to have their thesis on the geology of Mars published. Continuing to follow in her father's footsteps, she left Stanford to join the elder Bennett in his planetary geology research. Using samples of Martian soil obtained from the surface, the Bennetts were able to grow plants such as asparagus, green beans and turnips. They confirmed that the soil was slightly alkaline and contained vital nutrients such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and chloride, which are necessary for living things to grow. Although chemicals had to be added to the soil in order for the produce to overcome the harsh environment, this was a huge step forward that furthered the likelihood of Mars colonisation.

When selected for the Bowie Base One project, she instantly became a cover girl, albeit a reluctant one, for the mission. She turned down offers that she felt trivialised the seriousness of the project. (DW: "The Waters of Mars")