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Michael Sanders, OBE was a British Army colonel who was responsible for running Britain's clandestine operations during the mid-1960s, most famously in the Yemen. On leaving the army, he headed up Britain's first post-war military company.


c. 1965


c. 2009

Born on 21 December 1924, he was educated at Westminster and as a schoolboy he joined the Home Guard. He was appointed OBE in 1963 for services to the intelligence services. In 1965, he was implicated in first contact negotiations with a group of extraterrestrial beings known only as the 456. (TOR: "Children of Earth: Day Three")

In September 2009, Home Office Permanent Secretary John Frobisher issued orders to kill Sanders, Ellen Hunt, Andrew Staines and Jack Harkness to cover up the British government's prior involvement with the 456. This was at the behest of Prime Minister Brian Green. (TOR: "Children of Earth: Day One", "Children of Earth: Day Three")

Michael Sanders was portrayed by James North.