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"Mission to the Unknown" is the second story of the third season of Doctor Who.


Links and references[]


  • Dr. Who - William Hartnell (credit only)
  • Jeff Garvey - Barry Jackson
  • Marc Cory - Edward de Souza
  • Gordon Lowery - Jeremy Young
  • Malpha - Robert Cartland
  • Dalek Voices -
    • David Graham
    • Peter Hawkins
  • Dalek Operators -

Uncredited performers[]

  • Johnny Clayton as a planetarian [1]
  • Pat Gorman as a planetarian [1]
  • Sam Mansary as the Master of Beaus
  • Ronald Rich as Representative Trantis
  • Len Russell as a planetarian [1]
  • Unknown performers as
    • Representative from Gearon [1]
    • Sentreal [1]
    • Warrien [1]


  • Written by Terry Nation
  • Directed by Derek Martinus
  • Produced by Verity Lambert
  • Title music by Ron Grainer and BBC Radiophonic Workshop
  • Costumes supervised by Daphne Dare
  • Make-up supervised by Sonia Markham
  • Lighting - Ralph Walton
  • Sound - George Prince
  • Story Editor - Donald Tosh
  • Designers -
    • Richard Hunt
    • Raymond Cusick


3000; 3990; 4000

acceptor; animal; cactus; Dalek; Dalek city; Dalek Supreme; Deep Space Force Group 1; Earth; freighter; Galactic Council; the Galaxy; Gearon; Jupiter; Kembel; link pulse; Mars; Miros; Moon colonies; Ninth Galactic System; outer galaxy; pliers; rescue beacon; rocket launcher; rocket ship; screwdriver; seismic detector; Skaro; Solar System; SOS; Space Security Service; tape recorder; tarnium; Union Flag; United Nations; Varga plant; Venus; vegetable; vergometer; XM2


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 It is unknown which of three performers documented as having played a "planetarian" (Johnny Clayton, Pat Gorman or Len Russell) took the roles of the representative from Gearon, Sentreal or Warrien respectively.