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"Nightmare of Eden" is the fourth story of the seventeenth season of Doctor Who.


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  • Doctor Who - Tom Baker
  • Romana - Lalla Ward
  • Voice of K9 - John Leeson
  • Tryst - Lewis Fiander
  • Dymond - Geoffrey Bateman
  • Rigg - David Daker
  • Della - Jennifer Lonsdale
  • Secker - Stephen Jenn
  • Crewmen -
    • Richard Barnes
    • Sebastian Stride
    • Eden Phillips
  • Stott - Barry Andrews
  • Fisk - Geoffrey Hinsliff
  • Costa - Peter Craze
  • Passengers -
    • Annette Peters
    • Lionel Sansby
    • Peter Roberts
    • Maggie Petersen

Uncredited performers[]


  • Written by Bob Baker
  • Directed by Alan Bromly
  • Produced by Graham Williams
  • Incidental Music by Dudley Simpson
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Production Assistant - Carolyn Montagu
  • Production Unit Manager - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director's Assistant - Monica Rodger
  • Assistant Floor Manager - Val McCrimmon
  • Studio Lighting - Warwick Fielding
  • Studio Sound - Anthony Philpott
  • Technical Manager - Terry Brett
  • Senior Cameraman - Peter Hider
  • Visual Effects Designer - Colin Mapson
  • Video Effects - A.J. Mitchell
  • Vision Mixer - Nigel Finnis
  • Videotape Editor - Rod Waldron
  • Costume Designer - Rupert Jarvis
  • Make-up Artist - Joan Stribling
  • Script Editor - Douglas Adams
  • Designer - Roger Cann


2068; 2096; 2115; 2116

airlock; algae; Azure; Azurian Excise; bicycle; bridge; Bros; caffetine capsule; captain; chess; cinematograph; communicator; computer; Continuous Event Transmuter; cruise liner; Cygnus Gap; damage report; Darp; death penalty; dimensional osmosis damper; dog; drug smuggling; Earth; Earth Government; Eden; Eden Project; Empress; flight computer; fungus; Galactic Salvage and Insurance; Gal Credit; Gidi; GP gun; Hecate; hologistic retention circuit; inchuka laser; insect; Interstellar Space Corps; landing officer; laser; laser crystal; liquid hydrogen; London; Lvan; M37; major; Mandrel; match; matter interface; matter transmutation; molecule; mollusc; narcotic; navigator; pilot; pressure shell; professor; protective coveralls; radiation band; Ranx; raspberry; reactor core; recession; Russian doll; sonic screwdriver; spaceship; space suit; spatial integrator; Station 9; steam engine; Stein; toothpick; tranquilising drug; transmutation reflex; Tryst expedition; turbopump exhaust; video conference; Vij; Volante; vraxoin; warp drive; waterguard; West Galaxy; Zil; zoologist