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"Remembrance of the Daleks" is the first story of the twenty-fifth season of Doctor Who.


Part One[]

Part Two[]

Part Three[]

Part Four[]

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  • The Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
  • Ace - Sophie Aldred
  • Gilmore - Simon Williams
  • Mike - Dursley McLinden
  • Rachel - Pamela Salem
  • Allison - Karen Gledhill
  • Ratcliffe - George Sewell
  • Headmaster - Michael Sheard
  • Harry - Harry Fowler
  • The Girl - Jasmine Breaks
  • Embery - Peter Hamilton Dyer
  • Dalek Operators -
  • Voice - John Leeson
  • Vicar - Peter Halliday
  • John - Joseph Marcell
  • Martin - William Thomas
  • Kaufman - Derek Keller
  • Emperor Dalek / Davros - Terry Molloy (credited under the name of "Roy Tromelly" for "Part Three")
  • Black Dalek Operator - Hugh Spight
  • Dalek Voices -
    • Roy Skelton
    • Royce Mills
    • Brian Miller

Uncredited performers[]

  • Kathleen Bidmead as Mrs Smith (2,4)
  • The Duke of Edinburgh as himself (1) (archival voice recording only)
  • Charles de Gaulle as himself (1) (archival voice recording only)
  • John F. Kennedy as himself (1) (archival voice recording only)
  • Martin Luther King as himself (1) (archival voice recording only)
  • Unknown performers as
    • John (3)
    • Matthews (1)
    • Paul (3)


  • By Ben Aaronovitch
  • Stunt Arranger - Tip Tipping
  • Theme music composed by Ron Grainer
  • Theme Arrangement / Incidental Music - Keff McCulloch
  • Special Sound - Dick Mills
  • Production Managers -
    • Ian Fraser
    • Michael McDermott
  • Production Associate - June Collins
  • Production Assistant - Rosemary Parsons
  • Assistant Floor Managers -
    • Val McCrimmon
    • Lynn Grant
  • OB Lighting - Ian Dow
  • OB Sound -
    • Doug Whittaker
    • Les Mowbray
  • OB Cameramen -
    • Robin Sutherland
    • Barry Chaston
  • Visual Effects Designer - Stuart Brisdon
  • Video Effects - Dave Chapman
  • Vision Mixers -
    • Shirley Coward
    • Fred Law
  • Technical Co-ordinator - Richard Wilson
  • Studio Camera Supervisor - Alec Wheal
  • Videotape Editor - Hugh Parson
  • Properties Buyer - Chris Ferriday
  • Studio Lighting - Henry Barber
  • Studio Sound - Scott Talbott
  • Costume Designer - Ken Trew
  • Make-up Designer - Christine Greenwood
  • Script Editor - Andrew Cartmel
  • Graphic Designer - Oliver Elmes
  • Computer Animation - CAL Video
  • Designer - Martin Collins
  • Producer - John Nathan-Turner
  • Director - Andrew Morgan


1963; 1983; 22nd century; 4663

Acton; Africa; ambulance; Apache; the Association; A Taste of Honey; A. Tomes; ATR; attack squad; Attack Squad Delta; bacon; baseball bat; battle computer; BBC1; begonia; Blue Four; Blue One; Blue Six; brigadier; British currency; British Rocket Group; Cambridge University; car; CB radio; cemetery; chief scientific adviser; Coal Hill Road; Coal Hill School; coffee; Coloured; corporal; Counter-Intrusion Measures; D-notice; Daily Express; Daily Mirror; Dalek; Dalek assault shuttle; Dalek language; Dalek mothership; death ray; Doctor in the House; Do You Want to Know a Secret; Earth; Elizabeth II; Emperor Dalek; energy weapon; escape pod; football; The French Revolution; Fylingdale installations; Gallifrey; Gallifreyan language; ghetto blaster; group captain; Hand of Omega; headmaster; High Council of the Time Lords; hopscotch; I.M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant; Imperial Dalek faction; jamming device; Jodrell Bank; Kaled; Kaled mutant; Kingston; Laws of Time; little green men; Loch Ness Monster; logic; Lollipop; London; London Underground; lorry; Metropolitan Police; microchip; milk; neutraliser; Nitro-9; nuclear accident; nuclear war; Official Secrets Act; Omega; Peacetime Emergency Powers Act; pepperpot; Perivale; Philips; physicist; piracy; plastic explosive; polycarbide; president-elect; President of the Council; professor; Puffin' Billy; Quatermass, Bernard; radar; radio; RAF High Command; Rassilon; Ratcliffe Builders Merchants; Red Four; Red Nine; Red Six; renegade Dalek faction; Return to Sender; rice pudding; rifle grenade; Royal Air Force; Royal Observatory; Scout 7; Second World War; sergeant; Skarasen; Skaro; slavery; sparrow; Special Weapons Dalek; Spiridon; squad; star; stellar engineer; Stevens; sugar; supernova; Supreme Dalek; task force; tea; telephone; telephone box; television; Territorial Army Centre; Thal; time controller; time corridor; Time Lord; time travel; tin; Totter's Lane; transmat; TV detector van; undertaker; United Kingdom; van; vicar; Yeti; Zygon

Additional references[]

Batman; Carnaby Street; Charlton Athletic; Fanderson; Rupert Bear; Thunderbirds; Union Flag; United States Paratrooper; Villiers; Watchmen