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Roman Groom was an American astronaut who served as junior technician on the Bowie Base One mission in the late 2050s.


Born in 2034, Roman Groom was heralded from a young age as a child genius. He was brought to the media's attention when it became known that by the time he was seventeen he had achieved a bachelor of science in physics, a bachelor of arts in English and a master of science in physics from the University of California, Berkeley and was a PhD candidate looking for postdoctoral work in astrophysics. Picking up the university's newspaper, he read about NASA's search for astronauts and decided to apply to be an astronaut.

After receiving his acceptance as an astronaut in January 2051, he began a two-year training and evaluation period in which he underwent extensive training where he excelled in every field. His instinctive talent for mechanics allowed him to develop the robot Gadget which accompanied the Bowie Base One crew on their mission to Mars. Gadget proved to be an invaluable contribution to the Mars mission and cemented Groom's place on the project. (DW: "The Waters of Mars")