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Russia, also known as the Russian Federation, was a sovereign state that spanned the continents of Europe and Asia on Earth. For much of the 20th century, Russia was a constituent of the Soviet Union.


During the Crimean War, the English, the French and the Turks fought the Russians. (DW: "The Evil of the Daleks")

The Russo-Japanese War was fought been Japan and Russia in 1905. (DW: "The War Games")

In November 1942, a small Russian sabotage team was sent into German-occupied Romania. Only one survived. He spoke of dead men coming out of a black fog. The official report suggested that the man had been listening to local gossip about vampires. (DW: "The Curse of Fenric")

In September 1972, observation satellites reported troops massing along the Russian-Chinese frontier. (DW: "Day of the Daleks")

During the mid-1970s, the superpowers Russia, America and China decided upon a plan to ensure peace. All three powers agreed to give details of their hidden atomic missile sites, including full operational instructions, to neutral Great Britain. (DW: "Robot")

In 2011, scientists in the employ of Henry van Statten cultivated bacteria from a Russian crater. From this they discovered the cure for the common cold. (DW: "Dalek")


  • Dagestan
  • Siberia
  • Tunguska Basin


  • Korolev
  • Moscow
  • Novosibirsk
  • Star City

Departments and agencies[]

  • Russian Federal Space Agency